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A hot air balloon isn't just a mode of advertising; it's an event in itself that ignites excitement and captivates its audience. Its ability to entertain ensures a lasting impact, far beyond that of traditional advertisements.


The striking visuals of a hot air balloon, adorned with a company's artwork or logo, are impossible to ignore or forget. This unique medium engraves a brand's message into the consumer's memory unlike any other form of advertising.


A corporate balloon program delivers a substantial message with unparalleled visual impact, making it one of the most effective promotional tools available. From mass media campaigns to targeted marketing efforts, a corporate hot air balloon enhances a company's image like no other.



The design possibilities for a company's balloon are virtually limitless, limited only by imagination. While all hot air balloons command attention, special-shaped balloons stand out with the greatest visual impact, offering unique and eye-catching designs tailored to specific requirements.


Hot air balloons offer a real impact that conventional advertising methods often lack. Market researchers estimate the value of balloon advertising to be up to seven times the actual cost of a balloon. With a lifespan of up to four years, investing in a balloon is a long-term commitment with significant returns.


While the cost of a balloon varies based on specifications and artwork, the added impact of a special-shaped balloon often outweighs the initial investment. Spirit Balloons handles everything from insurance to event bookings, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.




Spirit Balloons provides professional management and operations support, allowing clients to be as involved as they desire. From simply flying the balloon as directed to comprehensive marketing plans, our flexible approach caters to diverse needs and target audiences.


The uses for a corporate balloon are limited only by imagination. Whether appearing at special events, industry gatherings, or serving as a unique sales tool, a corporate balloon sets a company apart as a leader in its field.


We encourage clients to fly with us often to witness the benefits firsthand, while providing monthly reports on flights, areas covered, and press coverage to ensure transparency and accountability.


Special Events

The balloon can appear at major events such as air shows, sporting events, etc. By choosing an event that's demographics match that of the company's target audience, it can achieve major exposure since the balloon will stand out from the activities the spectators are expecting to see. The advantage to the advertiser is that these events become their private marketing audience. 


Industry Events

By flying or tethering the balloon at trade shows, conventions, and other industry events, the sponsor can receive unsurpassed attention. 


As a Sales Tool

Offering rides in the corporate balloon to key clients can be very good business; nothing breaks the ice like a balloon ride. The operator of a balloon for a major car parts firm reported that the company had closed many major sales deals as a direct result of these rides, simply because the buyers were shown the attention.  They valued their balloon contract as a tenth of the price of a weekend hospitality at a leading motor racing circuit, but 5 times more effective.


Anyone can buy their client dinner, but a balloon ride is a unique incentive!


Balloon rides can also be offered as unique and exciting incentives for staff if certain sales figures are achieved. One company even set up a balloon club with their company balloon, providing a unique opportunity for employees to get involved. The result was a significant increase in morale and team building.

Delivered Results

We encourage our clients to fly with us often and see the benefits first hand their balloon brings, plus regardless of the type of service that a client requires of Spirit Balloons we provide monthly reports on flights achieved, areas flown, and any significant press coverage.

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