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Spirit Balloons brings extensive experience in event management, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance the enjoyment and attendance of your event, regardless of its scale, from intimate fetes to grand balloon fiestas.


Whether it's a small gathering or a lavish gala, we can provide single or multiple balloons to elevate the atmosphere. Our balloons can offer tethered rides for attendees, adding a touch of magic, especially during evening events when the glowing balloon resembles a magnificent lantern.


In addition to balloon services, Spirit offers a wide array of event support. Our experienced staff, with a proven track record in managing events like the Oswestry Balloon Carnival, Telford Balloon Fiesta, and Qatar International Balloon Festival, can serve as flight directors and event operations coordinators. We can arrange captivating nightglows as standalone events or as part of larger gatherings.


For high-end events, Spirit Balloons offers complete event management services, handling every aspect of a balloon fiesta, from securing launch permissions to coordinating balloon activities and ensuring flight clearances.


Spirit Balloons collaborates closely with film and TV production companies, providing fully trained pilots and crew equipped to handle media projects across various platforms, including film, TV, radio, and press.


Balloons offer a stable and tranquil filming platform, ideal for capturing breathtaking aerial shots. We accommodate a wide range of equipment, including HD and 35mm cameras, and can set up remote camera operations from the balloon envelope using our specialized camera anchor points.


We are committed to assisting with every aspect of your project, from obtaining relevant permissions and navigating weather considerations to meeting tight deadlines. Upon request, we can provide media-specific risk assessments to ensure a safe and successful filming experience.


Our filming services extend beyond aerial shots; we also offer ballooning props for film studios, aerial film crew services, and static displays to fulfill your cinematic vision.

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